A bottle of sunscreen with an SPF number matching your age

Midlife crisis tattoo low carb skull and crossbones

A skull and crossbones with “LOW CARB”

a wilted rose tattoo mid life crisis tattoo

A rose that needs watering, but who has the time?

Midlife crisis tattoo self help on knuckles

The letters S E L F H E L P across the knuckles

midlife crisis tattoo anchor and demanding kids

An anchor with a bunch of kids clinging to it and demanding juice

Midlife crisis tattoo a damaged butterfly

A butterfly whose wings could use a little work

Midlife crisis tattoo, mom do you need glasses

“Mom? Can you see this or do you need your reading glasses?” in a heart

mid life tattoo tired tiger

A tiger who’s fallen asleep at 9 p.m.

Midlife crisis tattoo dandelion devil

A dandelion labeled “Suburban devil”

Midlife crisis tattoo graduate school gamble

A pair of dice with a scroll that says “Graduate School”

Midlife crisis tattoo pinup girl with cellulite

A pinup girl with visible cellulite

A single drop of urine

Midlife crisis tattoo live for today but save 401k

“Live for today; but don’t touch your 401k” on a decorative scroll

Midlife crisis tattoo dream catcher with ambien

A dreamcatcher with Ambien dangling from the feathers

Midlife crisis tattoo large font name

Your spouse’s name in 100-point Garamond font

Midlife crisis tattoo get up early but skip gym

An inspirational quote: “Still I rise at 5 a.m., why don’t I go to the gym?”

Midlife crisis tattoo high taxes great schools

A house with the words “High Taxes But Great School”

Midlife crisis tattoo ship in antacids

A ship in a bottle of antacids

middle age mothers with multiple tattoos