Links We Love This Week (2/5/16)

You’ve been busy this week. Here’s our round up of the interesting parts of the internet.

Holy crap. These 15 statistics that show what happens on the internet in the course of 60 seconds is absolutely mind blowing. What in the hell did we do to avoid making small talk with strangers a decade ago?

If you’re trapped under a sleeping baby, here are 7 mobile games you can play with one hand.

This New York Times article really struck a chord this week. How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

Six degrees of separation? Thanks to Facebook, you might be closer to Kevin Bacon than previously thought.

This tumblr, dedicated to the New York Times photo archive is a fascinating and educational rabbit hole.

Planning a movie night when the kids go to bed? Here are 17 Oscar nominated movies you can stream right now.

Are you suffering from information overload? One of our favorite WNYC podcasts, Note to Self has launched a series of episodes called “Infomagical” in the hopes of helping us all tap into our more connected, less distracted selves. Join in!

Nick Hornby’s list of suggested excuses for skipping out of homework as told to his son is McSweeney’s at it’s finest.

Give this 6 minutes. The Day One Flint Mother Told Me The Story Of How America Poisoned Her Baby Girl

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Lake Champlain winter sunsets are hard to upstage.