A Study On How Toddlers Interact with Video Chat

Date:July 15, 2016

Source:Lafayette College

Summary:Working parents and grandparents who FaceTime with their toddlers can take heart from a new study that sheds new light that on young children and how they engage in—and learn from—screen-time interactions.

Professor Lauren J. Myers, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist who studies children’s cognitive and social-cognitive development, and her team …will publish their study “Baby FaceTime: Can toddlers learn from online video chat?” in the forthcoming issue of the journal Developmental Science.

…starting at about 17 months, children begin to get something out of live video interaction with real people and are able to apply the interaction to people–like Grandma and other people they know…

While Myers says it’s clear that these video chat interactions represent a form of quality time, she notes that the same does not hold true to video interactions designed to seem “real” but are not…

Source: New study of toddlers sheds light on value of Facetime video chat as meaningful interaction — ScienceDaily
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