Best links of the week

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How many of these terrifying moments from children’s entertainment haunted you as a kid? (They left out the entire Hugga Bunch movie, which seems like a glaring oversight. )

Considering ditching your cable? These 4 apps and sites can help you make that decision.

This week’s episode of Note to Self inspired us (and gave us the tools) to tackle the overwhelming amount of digital photo clutter we are hoarding.

Brilliance from McSweeney’s: An Anarchist History Teacher Gives His Fourth Graders A Halloween Lesson

The New York Times list of best illustrated children’s books of 2015 is full of great ideas for holiday gifts.

Maybe save this information for Sunday. Cutting sugar improves children’s health in just 10 days.

We would like one of these for the winter. See you in May!

“Is it so bad to prefer talking with a long-distance partner using a smartphone than with someone who does not interest me but happens to be next to me?” Why technology is not causing social isolation

The most important infographic for the weekend. The Candy and Wine Matchmaker.

This cliff face in Iceland is more elephant, less rock formation.