Ems for Kids | Baby Earmuff Hearing Protection

by ParentCo. July 08, 2017

baby sitting in chair with ear muffs

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Ems for Kids’ Baby Earmuff Hearing Protection

Visit earmuffsforkids.com for more details Hearing protection is this generation’s bike helmet. Get this: Making baby food with the blender unleashes 88 decibels of sound. The threshold for childhood hearing damage starts at 85 decibels. Ear protection for your kids is a no-brainer and Ems for Kids delivers the first-ever option for babies. Most importantly, adding hearing protection to your parent gear arsenal lets you enjoy adult activities like concerts, games, making smoothies, etc., while safely introducing them to your kids.
Ems for Kids protective baby earmuffs

Overall Rating: 4.6

rating scale 1 - 5

Innovation: 5

Replacing the classic plastic horseshoe band found on most hearing protection devices with a stylish, adjustable, elastic band is genius for three reasons: 1. It distributes pressure evenly across baby’s head, rather than squeezing uncomfortably at the temples. 2. It allows the hearing protection device to adjust as baby’s head and brain continue to grow and develop. 3. It’s smaller, and thus more portable than any other option on the market.

Usability: 4

Small enough to fit in a coat pocket and space saver in a diaper bag, the Baby Earmuffs are the easy option for babies under 18 months of age. The actual earmuff portion of the Baby Earmuffs slip onto the elastic headband – sometimes they fight you a little bit, but they always eventually land in the right spot. Once on, they’re awesome. SNR 26 dB NRR 22dB

Price: 5

$31 - $36 Ems for Kids’ Baby Earmuffs have a very similar price point to other hearing protection devices designed for children. Practice good hearing health with your family at this affordable price.



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