Big Bee Little Bee | Snow Angel Bath Towel

by ParentCo. July 12, 2017

Big bee little bee

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Big Bee Little Bee - Snow Angel Bath Towel

Visit their website to learn more Kids love bath-time but frequently hate getting out of the tub. Sometimes mom and dad have to get creative with where (and how) they place their baby post bath to towel them off and wrap them up. The Snow Angel bath towel takes that once-dreaded post-tub moment and turns it into something comfortable, safe, and fun.

Overall: 5


Innovation Rating: 5

The Snow Angel is completely unique from every other baby towel on the market. This towel provides more than just innovation in fabric and aesthetic design – it re-invents baby towel function and purpose.

Usability Rating: 5

This towel delivers. The padding is ample and cozy. The segmented towel wings provide easier drying access to arms, legs, and all the bits in between.

Price Rating: 5

$22.95 This is the only towel you’ll ever need (or want). It may cost twice the price of that cute lion’s mane hooded towel, but for pure performance it’s a no-brainer.



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