Links We Love This Week

by ParentCo. January 22, 2016

Stephen Ritz, one of NPR's 50 Great Teachers, calls his classroom, "The National Health, Wellness and Learning Center." With more plants than desks, and kids clambering for their chance to plant, water, and grow and cook, the name works. You know what's better than cooking a great meal? Cooking one that doesn't dirty EVERY SINGLE POT AND PAN IN YOUR KITCHEN. Try these 38 one-skillet meals and drink instead of cleaning up. Forget the kids. WE want to go to this Dutch Adventure camp. Where do we sign up? Perennial favorite, New York Times column Modern Love is now a podcast! This list of 27 underrated parenting products that actually work is pretty spot on. You may be under 40 feet of snow this weekend. Here are all the best things to do when you're snowed in. For the next month or so, five planets will be aligned in the sky. Here's how to take in the spectacle. Want your kids to get into college? Tell them to be nice. Redditors share the best "don't tell your mom" moments they've had with their dads. So good. Some bad ideas are worse than others. (But make for great stories.)
Meeting adjourned. Meeting adjourned.



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