Links We Love This Week (2/12/16)

by Parent Co. February 12, 2016

If pregnancy is the "nesting" phase, who says maternity leave shouldn't be the "flying" phase? Result? This baby has more stamps in her passport than most of us ever will. A fascinating look at what pregnant women around the world pack in their hospital bags. (All I remember packing was yoga pants and mascara. #priorities) Ok Go totally kills the music video game. My kid watched their Rube Goldberg inspired "This Too Shall Pass" about 4 thousand times. They're back with an arguably even more impressive zero gravity stunner. Wish you were having a little more sexy time? Or spending more time cooking together? Maybe you should turn on some music. If teenagers grow up to be as proficient at anything as they are at Snapchat, the future is in good hands. Who you spend time with influences the wiring of your brain. Ditch the Negative Nancy's. They're bringing you down. 45 books to get kids through life's trickiest transitions. Our own Autumn Spencer shares the heart swelling story of Valentine's Day redemption and loss. Grab a tissue. Or three. Seriously. Don't call. TEXT. We've only been waiting for this since 1991- Pee Wee's Big Comeback (seriously. Pee Wee's Playhouse is one of the best kid shows that EVER HAPPENED.) handmade valentines

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