5 links to share with your curious kids (week of 7/17/15)

by ParentCo. July 17, 2015

many people playing with their kids in white balls

Share awesome, fun links with your kids curated by Today Box. Today Box curates fun and educational facts, videos, photos and jokes for curious kids, parents and educators. View past Internet Field Trips here. Week of July 17, 2015 sounds Explore the acoustic sounds of one song filmed in 15 locations in this video posted to Today Box. indoor beach See how one museum turned an indoor location into a beach with a million plastic balls! Pluto Observe the surface of Pluto like you've never seen before in this new footage released by NASA. cactus Watch cactus flowers bloom and explode in these colorful timelapse videos. records Learn about the art form of embroidered zoetrope and see mesmerizing animations. View past Internet Field Trips here. View over 1,100 amazing kid-friendly posts on Today Box.



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