5 new links to share with your curious kids

by Parent Co. May 22, 2015

bee pollinating a yellow flower

Share awesome, fun links with your kids curated by Today Box. Today Box curates fun and educational facts, videos, photos and jokes for curious kids, parents and educators.
Week of May 22, 2015
slow motion sports Experience extreme sports like you've never seen them before - in extreme slow motion! Watch striking footage of parkour, gymnastics, skateboarding and motocross on Today Box.
bugs Should we eat bugs? Learn about bug consumption around the world in this animated video from TED-ED. Yum! Lights The streets of Cologne, Germany come alive at night with light paintings in this short film. bee Take a peek at the first 21 days of a bee's life in this National Geographic timelapse video. Terry Im Learn how to beatbox with Terry Im, a favorite from the Today Box music archives. View over 1,000 amazing kid-friendly posts on Today Box.

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