7 Instagram Moms You Need in Your Feed

by ParentCo. March 08, 2016

Oh, social media, how we love and hate you so. We'd quit you if we could, or actually wanted to. But we can't, and we don't. We can, however, improve our social media experience by letting go of the junk (think: whiners and fakers) and curating high quality authenticity in our feeds. Starting with Instagram. Here are 7 interesting, funny, cool, smart, hip, real, famous, semi-famous, and not famous moms you need to add on IG right now. 1 | Christina Brown || @LoveBrownSugar Native New Yorker, Christina S. Brown is a lifestyle blogger at LoveBrownSugar.com focusing "on fashion and beauty for multicultural women with an emphasis on self-empowerment." Her IG is glam meets true.
2| Jasmine Banks || @DJazzo Jasmine Banks describes herself as a "queer Black woman, mom to 3, lover of people, cookies, and roller derby." She's real, funny, and fierce.
Skate it out. #quadskates4life #quadskates #skateeverydamnday A photo posted by Jasmine Banks (@djazzo) on
3 | Anna Macfarlane || @KidsAreTheWorst Anna had the genius idea of providing Instagram proof that kids really are the worst. Aren't they, though? You can also find Dogs are the Worst, and Things are the Worst over at KidsAreTheWorst.net. Follow this account and infuse your feed with laughs.
4 | Amanda Gregory || @MyTinyTribe Amanda Gregory is a homeschooling mom of three. Her family aspires to a minimalist lifestyle, a journey you can follow at BecomingMinimalist.com. Amanda's story includes the day she was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, at 37 weeks pregnant. Her feed is a gorgeous collage of life and nature in neutral, sepia tones.
5 | Amy Webb || @ThisLittleMiggy Amy Webb is obviously a woman of many talents, including writing, painting, and photography, all of which you can discover at ThisLittleMiggy.com. She's also a mom to a child with special needs. The youngest of her three daughters was born with a rare disease called Microgastria and Limb Reduction Complex, a part of her life she writes about with breathtaking honesty.
6 | Jess Seinfeld || @JessSeinfeld Jess Seinfeld is founder of the charitable organization BabyBuggy, author of cookbooks, mother to 3 kids, doting pet owner, and miiiight know Jerry Seinfeld a little bit. Her IG is as sensible as it is fun, as smart as it is silly, and as glam as it is real. She's the cool friend who doesn't judge and let's you borrow her clothes.
7 | Solange || @SaintRecords Solange is, um, Solange. Hit follow, b. Hit it.
Other vibe, #fbf A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on



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