A Phys Ed Teacher Battles Tight Budgets And Childhood Obesity : NPR Ed : NPR

by ParentCo. July 01, 2015

In just one generation, childhood obesity has more than doubled in kids and quadrupled in adolescents. Despite these alarming trends, physical education is often one of the first programs to slash as school budgets get tighter. One Mesa, Arizona teacher is working to make up the difference and inspiring her students to be active through a weekly running club.
The Brinton running club started with about 20 kids and it's been growing ever since. Third-grader Taylor Dugi and her 13-year-old stepbrother, Antonio Conner, are loyal members. "It sort of lets me let out my feelings and stuff," 8-year-old Taylor says. "After school, I feel angry and it's on a Thursday so I just go to the running club. I just run and I feel like nobody is telling me what to do."
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