Bee-fore You Put the Garden to Rest, Get Your Wildflower Planting On

by ParentCo. May 07, 2021

A kid is planting a tree

Outdoor family-time is waning (for some) as the daylight slips faster and further down into the southern hemisphere. But before you start dreaming of snow forts, consider at least one more backyard foray this Fall – one that promises many entertaining hours for kids, environmental payoff, and a jumpstart on a low-maintenance garden in the Spring.

Prep a wildflower garden. Native wildflowers are easy to plant and care for, produce long-lasting blooms, and support many crucial pollinators in your area. Optimal planting time is coming up fast (for all regions of the United States). Below, you'll find all the direction and inspiration (facts, videos, books & gear, and a playlist) needed to transform those weedy flower-beds or incessant lawns into a hands-free meadow.

graphic of bee and wileflower

When to plant seeds

Fall planting is best in all regions of the U.S.

January or February. You can expect your seeds to pop up 2-4 weeks after planting. This is a great way to take advantage of the precipitation winter often brings to the warmest zones, where warm springs and early summer temperatures can sometimes cause stress to young, tender seedlings. about 60-90 days before the first frost arrives. This will allow perennial wildflowers an opportunity to grow strong enough and establish root systems that will endure. When to plant if you get more than 60 days of frost: when ground temperatures are below 45 degrees. Be patient! Planting too soon will cause seeds to sprout (and then die). Planting now will give you a 2-4 week “jump start” on the more traditional spring planting.

Plan, prep, plant

Purchase regional wildflower seed mixes that target pollinators. Poppies, sunflowers, mint, and thyme are all big winners with bees. Make sure you find a good mix that's Non-GMO, Neonicotinoid-Free, and nectar rich. (Get 10% off a great pollinator mix) Clear a patch of earth by digging up grass or clearing weeds. Spread a thin layer of potting soil over the area. Alternately, fill window boxes or free-standing pots. Shake the seeds over your preped area and gently press the seeds into the soil (some flowers won't germinate if they're covered with soil). Water immediately and then follow the directions on the packet for watering frequency. Get even more details about planting your wildflower patch.

Parent Co. partnered with American Meadows because they’re committed to keeping the bees happy, healthy, and buzzing about.

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Facts, books, gear, and songs related to the outdoors. Turn this into a learning opportunity...

Facts about bees for the kids

Check out all 13 fun facts about bees

Videos for kids about bees and our planet

The Honey Bee
Can plants talk to each other?
repurposed plastic from the ocean makes new (old) art
Stephen Colbert and Viggo Mortensen: Save the Bees
Forms in Nature
The color blue is rare in nature

bees and flowers

For home and hive

(Tap to learn more about a book or product)

Get your groove on

Buzzworthy jams

  1. “Sugar, Sugar” - The Archies
  2. “Mother Nature’s Son” – Beatles
  3. “Down to Earth” (from WALL-E) – Peter Gabriel
  4. “Beautiful Day” –U2
  5. “Bein’ Green” –Kermit
  6. “Big Yellow Taxi”—Counting Crows Version
  7. “The 3 R’s” –Jack Johnson
  8. “Circle of Life” (from Lion King)
  9. “Society”—Eddie Vedder
  10. “Clear Blue Skies” –Crosby, Stills & Nash

Parent Co. partnered with American Meadows because they’re committed to keeping the bees happy, healthy, and buzzing about.

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