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by ParentCo. July 03, 2015

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Fourth of July weekend should include all the quintessential fun of summer: Barbecues, lawn games, parades, watermelon seed spitting, and fighting over the last sparkler fireworks. Basically, 72 hours of awesome.

Pro tip: Buy the glow sticks and necklaces before you head to the fireworks. Save some money while achieving hero status.

Still not sure what to make or bring for the weekend festivities? This pinterest board from the ever-awesome Smitten Kitchen should have you covered (and maybe even make you some new friends.)

Just when we thought Dad-bod had fatigued completely, we read this McSweeney's gem.

For 50 years, Nicholas Winton, who passed away Wednesday at the age of 106, told no one of the 669 Czechoslovakian children he saved during the Holocaust. In 1988, the BBC program, That's Life, arranged for dozens of those once-children to thank him in person. (Warning: you are definitely going to cry.)

Are you planning a family vacation? Kid President has something to tell you. (In part? "Don't find family time. Make it.")

Wondering how to talk to your kids about gay marriage? Our friends at Razed lay it out using race cars and legos.

Judy Blume talks about her new book "In the Unlikely Event" on NPR. Our summer reading list is overflowing.

"Any day you get to talk about Chris Farley is a good day."



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