Best links of the week

by ParentCo. November 13, 2015

A snapshot from our Parent Co retreat this week. Vermont is such a show off.
Less than two weeks until Thanksgiving. Does your family know the difference between hand towels and dish towels? COMPANY IS COMING. This video is the realest. McSweeney's Kids Week (in celebration of publishing 3 new books for young readers this fall!) is chock full of hilarious writing on parenthood. How can you tell if your kids' apps are actually educational? Look for these three things. Rambunctious, strong-willed, and courageous today= An entrepreneur by the time they're an adult. Deeper thinking and more compassion could be just one trip to an Art Museum away. There's science in your chocolate chip cookie recipe. How do your ingredient choices affect the results? Is "looks don't matter" a lie we should keep telling our kids? At 18, Stoney Emshwiller interview his future self. A project almost 4 decades in the making, the short film is really beautiful. Fairly delegated chores could be the difference between a happy marriage and a miserable one. We loved this touching essay. "Pack lightly, and learn to let the rest go." Well, looks like we've found our winter goals inspiration. (Apparently the Danes have got it on lock.) Have a great weekend!



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