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by Parent Co. July 17, 2015

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handsfrog copy In 1961, Nora Johnson wrote an essay called, "The Captivity of Marriage." As the decades have passed, we've traded the term "housewife" for "stay at home mom." But what else has-and hasn't-changed? A compelling piece from The Atlantic A toddler's guide to the perfect vacation. Sounds about right. Did you ever get in trouble for doodling during class? Well, turns out you were doing your brain a favor. If you've ever considered teaching your kids to code, check out these 6 great beginner resources. The world can be a scary place. Talking to kids about big issues that are even hard for adults to understand is tough. Read this. "The easy guide to explaining truly scary geopolitical events to your kids without freaking them out" via Quartz. What could families look like in 50 years?

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