Early Puberty And How it Can Affect Your Daughter

by Parent Co. June 28, 2016

Girls who start to develop at young ages—as more and more of them are—are at risk for a host of physical and psychological problems. Greenspan is also a co-author of a longitudinal study that looked at around 1,200 girls ages six to eight, and followed them for seven years, from 2004 to 2011, to see when puberty began for them. The median age of breast budding in the study varied by race, with the lowest median at 8.8 years for black girls, and the highest at 9.7 for Asian girls. ...early puberty is linked to...’s linked to greater risk for breast cancer, teen pregnancy, HPV, heart disease, diabetes, and all-cause mortality, which is the risk of dying from any cause.
Source: The Long-Term Risks of Early Puberty - The Atlantic

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