Take an Internet Field Trip: 5 Links to Share with Your Kids

by ParentCo. February 22, 2015

Share awesome, fun links with your kids on an Internet Field Trip curated for Parent Co. by Today Box. Today Box curates fun and educational daily facts, videos, photos, and jokes for curious kids and the grown-ups who raise them.
Week of February 21, 2015
 You'll never need to worry about checking the clock in your classroom again. This clock robot writes down the time on a whiteboard. Watch it in action in a video posted to Today Box.  You've never seen silly putty or magnets in action like this! Watch this magnetic silly putty eat a rare Earth magnet in this video clip.  Take a trip to Chicago's Union Station and witness one of the best pranks ever - a secret ball pit door.  Three cheers for dominoes! Visit the Brattleboro Museum of Art in Vermont for their annual domino toppling. See 27,134 dominoes topple over in this short video.  Fly high in the sky with black vultures in New Jersey in this stop motion video produced by ornithologist Dennis Hlysnksy. View over 875 amazing kid-friendly posts on Today Box.



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