Take an Internet Field Trip: 5 Links to Share with Your Kids

by ParentCo. February 08, 2015

Share awesome, fun links with your kids on an Internet Field Trip curated for Parent Co. by Today Box. Today Box curates fun and educational daily facts, videos, photos, and jokes for curious kids and the grown-ups who raise them.
acorn Neil Bromhall filmed an acorn for eight months. Watch an acorn turn into an oak sapling in this visually stunning timelapse video on Today Box. beat blox Beat Blox is a fun, do-it-yourself electronic instrument. See wood blocks on turntables drop beats and mix sounds in this video. Seaside Colorful claymation sea creatures come alive in this delightful stop motion short by Tyler Nicolson. Stars Take a trip to space to learn about the birth and death of stars in this short film by BBC Science and Nature. dog go pro Ever wonder what it's like to see from a dog's point of view? Strap on a GoPro and see what this dog is so happy about in this favorite video from the Today Box archives.



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