Gemini April 2016 Horoscope

by ParentCo. April 01, 2016

Your astrological role is to play messenger among gods and mortals.

So, you’re spry and you know things. You’re also a teensy bit impatient. Looks like some new moon stuff is happening with Aries in your solar 11th house, which I wish I could say was a timeshare in Miami, but it’s not. It does, however, mean that a new friend is coming your way. Just kidding, it’s your kid’s new friend. And so far, no one has taught the little dude not to pick his ear wax or smack his food. So yeah, about that patience, Gemini. Dig deep. You can do it! In other news, Venus and Jupiter are having a disagreement, making it hard for you to figure out where all your money goes. Allow me to help: it goes to your kids. Mystery solved. Whatever, planets.



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