Help Impulsive Kids Drinking Habits By Being Caring Early in Life

by Parent Co. June 23, 2016

Impulsive children raised in caring families drink less during adolescence

June 22, 2016
University of Montreal
Years of research have shown that impulsivity in childhood is among the individual vulnerabilities leading to substance abuse, delinquency, as well as aggressive and antisocial behavior in adolescence and adulthood.
Acting rapidly and without thinking are typical signs of child impulsivity. According to the researchers, this trait, traditionally viewed as negative, could turn into an advantage when combined with a caring family environment.
Their review identified 14 studies investigating the role of family environment and child and adolescent temperament in the development of adolescent "externalizing problems."
These studies considered several family factors, including maternal and paternal parenting, parent-child relationship and marital conflict.
Source: Impulsive children raised in caring families drink less during adolescence -- ScienceDaily

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