Hilarious Mom Owns Reddit with Cardboard Cutout Prank

by Parent Co. March 28, 2016

Is this dude's mom adopting? Because I wanna be in her family. Reddit user (and dedicated son) @ienjoybread is studying abroad for the year. No doubt his mama misses him, so he sent home a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself. Because his mom is obviously really funny and completely awesome, she included the cutout in various family activities, documenting it all with a series of photos.

Cardboard son arrives home safely. Family dog status: unimpressed.


Here you are with the love of your life, Creepy Bloodface Barbie.


Son, let's take the dog and have a catch.


Congrats! You passed the cough test!


At Grammy's favorite Irish pub! May the wind always be at your back. Unless it's a strong wind. Cuz you'll def blow over.


That one time we took you to the batting cages and used your face as a target.

thumbnail image.

Not sure what you're so happy about here. The price of footlongs went up a dollar.


Oh, the places your cardboard cutout will go!

Source: REDDIT

Parent Co.


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