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by Parent Co. September 18, 2015

sunset091615-4 copy 37 parenting tweets guaranteed to make you laugh every time (Number one gets me without fail.) Your toddler should learn to use a knife. Really. Has your kid ever wondered what it would take to be an astronaut? These activities from NASA show them how to train for work in space. How long does your student have to eat their lunch? They may eat healthier the more time they have. Does your teen drop gossip bombs? Wondering what the appropriate reaction may be? Lisa Damour's new adolescent column in The New York Times' Motherlode breaks it down. Judy Blume is a national treasure. This Q&A she did with fans on Tumblr is full of honesty, wisdom and all the reasons we've loved her for decades. Does the internet make us lonely? Research says, not so much. Calling the midwife in Chiapas. Integrating age old wisdom with modern tools.

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