"Motherlode" from New York Times Becomes Well Family

by ParentCo. March 04, 2016

We're excited to learn that the Motherlode blog from the New York Times is becoming Well Family

Motherlode has been one of our very favorite sites for parents since it launched in 2008. Managed by KJ Dell'Antonia and anchored by her weekly column, it offered solutions and advice for parents, as well as essays and stories from a diverse range of parents from all walks of life.

The Motherlode's commitment to representing the full diversity of modern family configurations is part of the reason it's evolving into Well Family. The very name "Motherlode" seemed to exclude half of all parents, as well as other caregivers who fit into the family context.

As KJ writes:

"Over the past few years, our vision of what it means to be a family has changed, and it has also become clear that the name Motherlode is more than a little at odds with the larger conversation, which includes mothers, fathers, step-parents, grandparents, children, siblings, friends, pets and every possible variation on family."

Well Family will combine KJ's weekly column with expanded coverage of parenting, childhood health and relationships "to help every family live well." Regular contributions from past Motherlode writers will continue.

New features will include The Checkup, focused on healthy parenting and written by pediatrician Dr. Perri Klass. Ask Well will be expanded to include more topics important to families.

Of note, author Charles Duhigg (Smarter Better Faster and The Power of Habit) will offer advice on solving family challenges.

On Sunday, "Ties" will share the stories of the "diverse and often complicated connections that make up the modern family," from writers including Frank Bruni, Ann Patchett, John Elder Robison, Deborah Tannen and more.

Finally, KJ writes:

"And as always, you’ll still find me in the comments, sharing the same conversations about family we’ve always had. The definition of family is continually expanding, and so are we."

We're stoked and look forward to reading Well Family and Ties as they continue to offer perspective and insight about family in the modern context for years ahead.



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