This Video of Kylo Ren Playing Flaming Bagpipes Will Make You Happy

by Parent Co. February 18, 2016

Honestly, I don't think I have much to add to the title of this video: Kylo Ren Rides BB-8 and Plays Flaming Bagpipes in the Rain. Ok, maybe just a few things. First, let's consider how many attempts Kylo made before he nailed this blessed video. Probably a whole bunch, right? Hello? It's RAINING. So, please, take a moment and give thanks to this guy for NEVER GIVING UP. Second, note that Kylo masterfully covers Europe's The Final Countdown. I say masterfully because if you can play anything on the bagpipes that doesn't sound like 27 geese being strangled, then, by golly, you are a master. Add shooting flames and a seamless transition to the Star Wars theme song and, well, you're a Jedi Master. Finally, of the many storyline conspiracies surrounding The Force Awakens, we might have overlooked one crucial theory: that Kylo the Scot is actually a thwarted and misunderstood circus performer. Mhmm. Put that theory in yer bagpipe and smoke play it.

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