The Only Two Mom Stereotypes You Need to Know

by ParentCo. June 08, 2017

Email hoarder with unread messages

You know the drill. You have a baby. You’re over the moon excited about that baby or maybe you’re struggling or maybe you’re somewhere in-between. As soon as that baby enters the world, you try to figure out your new role. You're bombarded with labels: the Stay-at-Home Mom, the Working Mom, the elusive Working-From-Home Mom. The Breastfeeder. The Formula Feeder. The Helicopter Mom. The Way-Too-Chill Mom. You catch my drift.

But I’m here to make your life a lot easier. There are really only two types of moms: the Email Deleter and the Email Hoarder.

It’s that simple. Allow me to elaborate.

The Email Deleter

You know who you are. You sign into your email and you see it: twenty-five unread messages. That number is staring at you, taunting you. You compulsively sift through your messages, deleting them at lightning speed, maybe even deleting one you should be keeping. Oh well, you think, probably not important. You get your inbox down to zero and you breathe a sigh of relief. All is right in the world again and you feel a sense of accomplishment.

This mom gets shit done. She’s a doer, maybe even a type A personality. She tends to get bored easily and if she’s not working, she’s certainly taking on different side projects. This mom does really well with a schedule. Her kid goes down for a nap at precisely 1pm, not a minute before and not a minute later. This mom makes lists. When you see her in the supermarket, she’s on a mission and knows exactly where every item is in the store. This mom calls the pediatrician every time her kid’s temperature goes above 100.4. Better safe than sorry, she'll say. This mom plans all of your girls' nights out and you love her for it.

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The Email Hoarder

You know who you are. You sign into your email and you barely notice it: fifty thousand unread emails. You casually glance at the messages to see if there are any personal notes that you should attend to. You see your friend’s name and the subject line, "Birthday Dinner," but you get distracted and walk away from your phone. I’ll get to it later, you think. Then a week goes by and your friend asks if you’re coming to her dinner. You vaguely remember seeing her email and apologize for not responding. Then you think about how much you hate email.

This mom doesn’t give a shit, and in the best possible way. She’s too busy living in the moment to worry about little things like email correspondences. She’s not really into schedules and her kid naps when he wants to. This mom makes lists, but maybe on a post it note or old notebook lying around somewhere. When you see her in the supermarket, she’s taking her time, dreaming up a creative new meal for the night. She doesn’t go to the pediatrician unless it’s absolutely necessary. This mom is the life of the party at your girls' nights out and you love her for it.

So there you have it. Time to stop worrying about all the annoying stereotypes because, like I said, there are only two types of moms. So which one am I?

Well, that’s between me and my computer.



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