Clown Industry In Serious Jeopardy Due to Bad Clowns

It’s proving to be a serious situation for professional clowns…

Joseph and Lisa Brown, better known as Jazz and Jojo, have made clowning a major part of their livelihood.

“We want to make kids laugh and adults laugh and ease worries away for the day…

For the Forsyth County couple, it’s upsetting to hear about people impersonating clowns and scaring children.

Now they say they’re scared to go out in public in costume.

Birthday parties, nursing homes, restaurants, the couple used to have as many as 10 gigs per week. Since the clown sightings, that number has dropped to zero.

“The phone’s not ringing and we have talked about seriously between the two of us well why don’t we just give it up,” admitted Joseph.

A tough decision to consider knowing why they do it in the first place: the kids.

Source: Triad Clown Couple Says Mysterious Sightings Have Crippled Business |