Does Writing A Living or Last Will Intimidate You? Here’s A Simpler DIY Solution for Parents

No legality, less formality. The Parent Co. digital workbook: “Easing Death’s Burden: A Parent’s Workbook for the Worst Case Scenario”, is a set of documents that will be crucially helpful to the loved ones who are left to manage your accounts, responsibilities, and affairs if you unexpectedly kick the bucket.

Think of this workbook as SparkNotes for your life – a method to organize the passwords and preferences that only exist in your everyday stream of consciousness, outlined in an easy-to-tackle PDF:

Medical history

End of life wishes

Child and guardian support

Your digital legacy

Finances and household management

Wills, trusts, and estates

And more

More than a Living or Death Will, and way better than whatever you’re trying to pass off as “organized” in that shoe box:

Here’s the thing: We’re all going to die. We know this. We understand this reality, and yet somehow it always feels like little more than a distant possibility – too far in the future to take precedence over figuring out what’s for dinner again. We certainly don’t spend our precious hours swooning over visions of the charcuterie bounty adorning the tables at our memorial, or picturing the vistas that our ashes might admire as they’re scattered to the wind.

But death has a way of demanding our attention, our willpower, and our hearts when we don’t expect it. And it’s never, ever convenient. When death catches us off guard – too soon, too young – it’s our family and loved ones who are left reeling in its wake.

Ugh. Morbid, right? It’s almost too much to bear. We don’t want to think about our kids growing up without us. We don’t want to imagine our spouse living alone, or – worse? – finding love again.

But you know what’s equally agonizing? The thought of our family members floundering in their grief and wondering where you filed the information about your monthly Edible Arrangements subscription. (Sorry, you’re not the only thing being canceled). Well, have no fear, this handbook has got you covered! We’ve got 82 pages of grown-up responsibility coming at you. We’ve got credit card accounts! Medical histories! Organ donation! Digital legacy! Child care! And, everyone’s favorite: insurance! (Hope you’ve got good life coverage).

No, condensing your life down to account numbers and last wishes won’t be a walk in the park. But a completed handbook means you can rest easy knowing that your family – during what will surely be some of the worst days they’ll ever know – won’t have to stress about your otherwise shoddy bookkeeping.

And, hey, there’s something in it for you, too! You won’t have to worry about your least favorite cousin getting his greasy paws on your painstakingly restored ‘72 Shelby convertible, or your limited edition Beanie Babies, or whatever it is that you’re into. (We ask about your most prized possessions, and how they should be handled, on page 42.)

You can do this. You have to do this.


A digital workbook for young families from Parent Co.

This is the crucial document we all need to aid our family in the untimely event of our death. Much more than a will and way better than whatever you’re trying to pass off as “organized” in that shoe box.  



Does writing a living or last will intimidate you? Download our complete e-Book for easing death's burden. Safely record crucial information to aid your family.