Epic Video of Dinosaur Riding Prancing Horse is the Best

C’mon, just trust me. You’re gonna love this.

Ok, look. It was either this video, or the one of Kylo Ren playing flaming bagpipes while balancing on BB-8.

Yeah, hmmm. Given that Kylo is deftly covering Europe’s The Final Countdown, that video probably deserves it’s own post too. I’ll work on that.


This might be a stretch, but let’s assume I’m sharing this so that world-weary parents — and all humans — can watch this majestic hilarity and feel better about life.

Otherwise, don’t tell my editor you found this here.

Also, if you’re a person who wakes up in the morning and thinks: today I’m gonna don an awesome dinosaur costume and ride a prancing horse, then please advised: I would like to be your friend.

Sometimes the Internet is a terrible place.

But man, sometimes it’s as strangely joyful as a dinosaur riding a prancing horse.

Source: Digg