Jingling the Penguin is Cuter than Your Kids

A Brazilian man saved an oil-soaked penguin, and now the two are lifetime friends.

When Joao Pereira de Souza found an oil-soaked penguin on the Brazilian shore near his house five years ago, the retired bricklayer knew that if he didn’t help the little guy, the penguin would die.

So he took him home, bathed and fed him, and named him “Jingling.”

When Jingling was healthy enough to continue his many thousands of miles annual migration, Joao said goodbye and returned him to the sea. But when he got home again, his little penguin friend was there waiting for him.

While Jingling did eventually return to his migratory journey, he spends his non-migratory months in Brazil with his pal, Joao.

Awwwww, penguin bros 4ever.

FYI, this is a great nature story to share with your kids!

Except they’ll want a pet penguin. Good luck with that.

Source: WSJ