writer Angela Arsenault was interviewed on VPR today about her recent series “Teens and Sex in the Digital Age.”

The series takes an in-depth look at how sexting, cyberbullying, and online pornography are affecting teenagers in America today. It also makes the case that parents can play an urgent role in helping their teens navigate these difficult issues.

Mitch Wertlieb from VPR asked Angela how parents can reach teen who may have tuned them out. Her response:

“Before you assume that your child is tuning you out, make sure that you haven’t actually tuned your child out to some extent. As parents, I think a lot of times were timid about certain subjects. We’re scared to ask the really hard questions, especially maybe about sexuality, or even bullying, sometimes because we’re afraid of the answer, or sometimes because no one ever showed us how to have that conversation. Maybe we didn’t have that conversation with our parents.

“I think it’s OK to also show that you don’t have all the answers. The last thing I would want to do is kind of overwhelm parents with this idea that you need to be completely comfortable with these topics.”

Visit to listen to the conversation and read a transcript of the conversation.