Welcome to the Nerd Mom Renaissance

As kids, being the nerd was not easy. But now we’re moms and we’re ruling the world.

Recently, I posted photos on Instagram and expressed my love for nerding out.
A lot of my fellow mothers reciprocated their feelings and love for the nerd life.
We all know as kids, being the nerd was not easy. With our coke bottle glasses and braces, we were easy targets for bullies. Not to mention our fear of speaking directly to others. However, as we savored every word of Harry Potter, it soon turned into a magical theater experience and now we’re almost the cool ones. Nerding is almost mainstream, thanks to Marvel, DC and people like Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.
Even with these changes we remember nerd life as kids and now, as adults, we realize how invaluable the nerd life was and I would say basically every nerd mom now rules the world, in at least one of the ways listed below.
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1 | To our kids, we’re the coolest people in the world

We already know about Pokémon, we’re just as excited as them to go Pokémon hunting. Seriously. My husband and I plan family Pokémon hunts. I often take my son after school as well. It’s all the rage and I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t love to join us. We love buying the latest gadgets as much as they do. I’m not a video game pro myself, but I still go with my husband to PlayStation expos and get really excited for the new games and tell my son all about them. He then teaches me to play. I want that Star Wars toy as much as my kids do!

2 | We have all the latest and greatest technology

If there is a new game console, we own it. We have at least five tablets in our home and surround sound. How do people live without these?! Any app that makes my life easier, will be included in my life. We’ve also submitted our application to join the families riding in self-driving cars. We’re just techy. If our budget was a bit more unlimited, I’m certain we’d have a video drone. As it stands, we don’t, but our son definitely has a drone.

3 | We see every single super hero movie the day of release

My son hasn’t missed a DC or Marvel movie yet. I make sure we see all of them and then spend months waiting for them to come out and buy them. Same with Star Wars, of course! Star Trek, hells yes. Our ideas of gifts are typically any of these movies. Or, I buy them on a Friday, just because. Mom needs to nerd out too.

4 | Nerd moms are writing novels or creating the next engineering accomplishment of the century

Nerd moms don’t just sit around. As a nerd mom, I’ve always had ambitions. Most nerd moms are hugely successful bloggers. Or, they are currently working on the next greatest novels. Not to mention those nerd mamas who are working as aerospace engineers or doctors. We’re not afraid of challenges. My son mentioned he wants to create his own Baymax and we’re working on it. It might take me twenty years, but we will get it figured out! My son and I also make books together and build Legos endlessly.

5 | We probably play an instrument too

This nerd mom was in orchestra. My son also intends to play the violin. Many of us nerd moms use music to channel our creativity and that is spread to our children. My son can name each instrument individually as they are playing in a song. I would not be surprised if my toddler writes songs. He sings them methodically after the music has been turned off.

6 | Our kids love to read because we love to read

I am an avid reader. My kids and I sit and read, or while I read, my son plays his video games. Our idea of fun is heading to the library for STEAM club or story time. Reading is serious business around here. My husband gifted me with a book of the month subscription and I bought one for my son as well. He always wants new books. So do I. I totally get it.

7 | Nerd moms can bake!

Baking = chemistry. Give me any recipe and I will master it.

8 | Explanations are given for everything

My son already knows about evolution. Science is fact in this house. We teach facts and that’s just how it is. Besides mythology in reading, we keep it all straight here. When our kids ask questions, they get answers. Global warming and my son’s curiosity of how humans came from apes are normal table talk. If we don’t know the answers, Sir Google looks it up. We’ve discussed the colors of each planet and when space exploration began. This is normal for our home.

9 | We love to learn and expect the same from our kids

School is cool! I loved to learn, in second grade, I asked for more homework. I expect my children to do well in school, too. They love to learn, just as I do.

10 | Most importantly, nerd moms are always curious

As a nerd mom, there are always questions for me. I’m always trying to think of how to do something differently and if there’s a problem, I’m thinking of an out-of-the-box solution. My children see this and do the same. My social skills may not be on par, but there are videos for that. Though, a challenge may seem daunting, I’m not backing down.
If you’re a fellow nerd mom, cheers to you, my friend!!
Let’s not forget: Comic-Con is fun and the Walking Dead comic is better than the show!