New Friends We Found on the Internet

Animals and people of the internet: please be our friends.

Sometimes, the internet is a terrible place. And sometimes, it’s full of animals and people we want to be our friends.

Like that guy up in the feature image letting his kid run him over. And …

[su_spacer]These people who welcomed back a co-worker after he was stabbed in a bar.


[su_spacer]This mama croc with a sense of humor.

The Sun

[su_spacer]This couple and their dog wearing matching horse head masks, while riding horses.


[su_spacer]This mom who knows what people want.


[su_spacer]These bros just trying to hit the drive-thru.


[su_spacer]This dog who doesn’t want to leave the park yet

Sauce: <a class=”youtube-link” href=”″></a>

[su_spacer]This panda who doesn’t want you touching his ball.

Its my ball

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