Before you were a parent, you were a person.

The parent collab believes parents themselves have the best inspiration, initiative, and knowledge when it comes to dreaming up new solutions for families and bringing them to life. We support parents on their entrepreneurial journeys and help transform dreams into reality. parent collab is proud to curate a unique family of brands that inspire us and align with our values. Because when it comes to supporting families, parents know best what parents need.

At Little Muffincakes® we believe that representation matters from birth. Our mission is to provide high-quality merchandise that reflects the diversity and beauty in children in order to offer more inclusive products through unique character art. | @little_muffincakes

Baby Dream Machine has helped thousands of families around the world get a good night’s rest. Our mission has always been to develop natural, safe, high-quality products that help promote quality sleep in children of all ages. Baby Dream Machine uses a proprietary, scientifically proven combination of natural sleep inducing methods to help your child sleep. | @babydreammachine

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To ensure success, the parent collab is purposefully selective. Please email us below and someone associated with parent collab will reach out to discuss next steps. Don’t worry, even if your program isn’t selected for the parent collab now, we always commit to providing advice and mentorship to help parent-entrepreneurs succeed!