Patent Granted to Tesla for Early Drone The Year 1898

Nikola Tesla was both of his time and ahead of it (he has a car company named after him, after all). Besides his contributions to altnerating current electrical systems, the inventor predicted smartphones, television, and apparently drones…

In a patent that was granted on November 8, 1898, Tesla wrote that his invention required no wires or electrical conductors. Instead, he said he found a way to move the “vessels” by “producing waves, impulses, or radiations which are received through the earth, water, or atmosphere”

Tesla saw the potential in drone warfare over a century before unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs) were being used … The US alone has killed thousands of people in drone strikes.

The first drone used in warfare…was invented for World War I. The Kettering Bug was a bomb-carrying biplane that could fly on a preset route to a target, although it wasn’t perfected until the war was over.

…interesting to look back at Tesla’s patents to see what one of the most controversial scientific minds of the late 19th and early 20th centuries was focused on.

Source: In 1898, Nikola Tesla Predicted Drone Warfare