Star Wars Lesson Plans with the New York Times

Engage students with what they love: The New York Times rounds up the best Star Wars lesson plans.

One of the best ways to engage kids in meaningful learning is to entice them with the things they know and love – like Star Wars. This New York Times article is an excellent round-up of lesson plans and ideas for doing just that.

Star Wars lesson plan possibilities, like space, are endless.  A few of the lessons outlined in the piece include exploring patterns of language with Yoda quotes, understanding the physics of space battles, considering how history repeats itself and, my favorite, a lesson in economics — Death Star: Too Big To Fail?’s article, 10 Best Star Wars Lessons for Kids, written by contributing writer Andrew Liptak, gets a nice shout out in the New York Times article. Among my favorites in Andrew’s list of lessons are Girls are Heroic and Appearances are Deceiving.

Hey, while we’re having the Star Wars conversation, take a minute and have a laugh with this bit: 28 Star Wars GIFs that Explain What It’s Like to be a Parent

And as always, in teaching and parenting, May The Force be With You.

Source: NYTimes