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Things you might have missed from all around the web.

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A children’s picture book with clay renderings of the Ramones, Siouxsie Sioux, and The Sex Pistols? NEW GO-TO BIRTHDAY GIFT.

Just because he’s the President, it doesn’t mean he can’t go full goofball when he’s around kids.

Parenting advice in 6 words.

I’m a 30 something woman whose asking for a coloring book for Christmas. NO SHAME. According to the Atlantic, I’m in good company.

People sharing their most awkward moments with The Bloggess and our abs are still recovering.

The story behind Charles Shulz’s introduction of Peanuts’ first black character, Franklin, blew us away.

Paper snowflakes? Bor-ing. Star Wars paper snowflakes? Bring it.

Music makes your kids smarter, and singing calms babies more than talking.

The only disappointing thing about Tig Notaro’s pilot episode of One Mississippi is that it’s just 26 minutes long. (Watch it for free on Amazon!)

Best links of the week

Things you might have missed from all around the web.

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How many of these terrifying moments from children’s entertainment haunted you as a kid? (They left out the entire Hugga Bunch movie, which seems like a glaring oversight. )

Considering ditching your cable? These 4 apps and sites can help you make that decision.

This week’s episode of Note to Self inspired us (and gave us the tools) to tackle the overwhelming amount of digital photo clutter we are hoarding.

Brilliance from McSweeney’s: An Anarchist History Teacher Gives His Fourth Graders A Halloween Lesson

The New York Times list of best illustrated children’s books of 2015 is full of great ideas for holiday gifts.

Maybe save this information for Sunday. Cutting sugar improves children’s health in just 10 days.

We would like one of these for the winter. See you in May!

“Is it so bad to prefer talking with a long-distance partner using a smartphone than with someone who does not interest me but happens to be next to me?” Why technology is not causing social isolation

The most important infographic for the weekend. The Candy and Wine Matchmaker.

This cliff face in Iceland is more elephant, less rock formation.


Best links of the week

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Have a budding scientist on your hands? Check out this round up of great science podcasts to listen to with kids  and these super cool youtube videos from Crash Course Kids.

Don’t worry, middle kid. They made up all that stuff about the effects of birth order.

33 amazingly useful websites you never knew exisited. Everything from finding complementary color palettes, to finding where you can stream a movie. You should probably bookmark them all.

What did arcades look like before video games?

How do you make life as a parent easier? This Quora thread has some legit suggestions.

Sound advice. If you want to be more interesting, be more interested.

Forget the Kardashians. Let’s talk about Sonita, the feminist Afghan rapper who’s raising her voice for something important.

Ever wonder what those car warning lights mean?

Our friends at The Longest Shortest Time need your help. Listen, subscribe, and write a glowing review.

The weight of your kid’s backpack should be as much of a concern as the amount of homework in it.

Best links of the week

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Explaining graphic design to four year olds is a little like the way you explain it to clients.

New favorite Instagram alert! Russian artist/photographer Nikolai Tolstyh uses paper cutouts of animals against the gorgeous backdrop of nature to create stunning images. We may be partial to the puffin…

These 10 foods can harm your unborn baby. (But not as much as lacking a sense of humor.)

A Darth Vader shower head? Bathe in the tears of the Sith Lord.

In case you’ve run out of Dad jokes.

If you’re planning a visit to a new mom, don’t waste money on a cute onesie. Do these things instead.

Carving your pumpkin this weekend? Here are 42 kickass ideas.

Why are we so quick to dismiss the things teen girls love?

Why do “mom” and “dad” sound so similar in so many languages?

Are you a Millenial parent? This Time article dives deep into the numbers and paints the picture of how differently we’re raising our kids these days.

Best links of the week


I never expected to say that the most beautiful thing I read all week, I read on Craigslist. But here we are.

Maybe the screen time rules we have for our kids could work for us too.

No need to snap a kid out of a daydream. They’re in the middle of some important work when they’re staring off into space. (And if they don’t have quiet time to daydream? Make some time.)

Why don’t you start cutting your produce like the adult you are? (Or show your kids this round up of 38 fruit and veggie cutting tutorials and let them do it for you.)

These 13 most innovative schools from around the world probably don’t have too many students who fake sick to stay home.

This Slate article is a transcript of every conversation we’ve ever had with our kids.

If kindergarten is the new first grade, there’s never been a better time to talk about the benefits of delaying entry.

Forget Christmas cookies. This year we’re planning on whipping up a few batches of these bad boys.

This deep analysis of Sandra Boynton’s children’s books is the mark of reading something 4 quadrillion times. We totally understand.

What happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money?



Best links of the week

A parent's view of flying.
A parent’s view of flying.

Kindergarten in Finland favors playtime over literacy. The outcome may have an advantage over the demands of the US Common Core standards.

In her diaries, to be published this fall for the first time, children’s author Astrid Lindgren reveals herself to be as steadfast and headstrong as her most beloved character, Pippi Longstocking.

Disney Princesses Reimagined as Hot Dogs” Just because.

These designers in Japan are reimagining how kids learn about color.

Ask yourself these 12 questions to decide if your kid is ready to be left alone.

We totally nerded out to last weekend’s epic lunar eclipse. This composite photo created by Jose Antonio Hervás is among the most spectacular images we’ve seen of the event.

Lots to think about after reading this essay about technology, solitude, and human interaction.

Of all the crap our kids collect, we never considered a “found paper airplanes” collection. But the fact that we found this New Yorker article about one so compelling makes us think we won’t discourage our kids from the habit.

Why are little kids in Japan so independent?


A Modest Proposal from David Sedaris. (We’re counting down the days until his current tour comes to our city!)

Best links of the week

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“Just remember that what you take for granted in your own life, someone else is wishing for.” A simple and welcome reminder.

Need to calm an anxious child? The best method is actually the simplest.

Want to start eating healthier? These 19 resources can help.

Education is important, but so is playing. When homework time spills over into playtime, how much is too much?

We were surprised to find some great modern advice in these excerpts from a 1955 manual of child development.

Keeping organized when co-habitating with kids isn’t easy. But the en vogue Marie Kondo method is worth the work.

If you haven’t given 3 minutes of your life to watching this Zen little girl’s speech on getting along, do the world a favor and make some time.

This New York Times opinion piece is worth a thorough read. A Toxic Work World.

Links of the week

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37 parenting tweets guaranteed to make you laugh every time (Number one gets me without fail.)

Your toddler should learn to use a knife. Really.

Has your kid ever wondered what it would take to be an astronaut? These activities from NASA show them how to train for work in space.

How long does your student have to eat their lunch? They may eat healthier the more time they have.

Does your teen drop gossip bombs? Wondering what the appropriate reaction may be? Lisa Damour’s new adolescent column in The New York Times’ Motherlode breaks it down.

Judy Blume is a national treasure. This Q&A she did with fans on Tumblr is full of honesty, wisdom and all the reasons we’ve loved her for decades.

Does the internet make us lonely? Research says, not so much.

Calling the midwife in Chiapas. Integrating age old wisdom with modern tools.


Best links of the week

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In June 2001, Konstantin Petrov was completing electrical work at the Twin Towers Windows on the World restaurant. As though he knew it would be gone in a few months time, he documented what others just walked past.

Save this for whenever you need it. 11 inspiring videos that will restore your faith in humanity.

By the time we’re adults, we find ourselves with a varied collection of friends and “friends.” Can you identify a representative of each of these 10 types in your life?

As the parent of a 4 year old who has started interrupting conversation to declare, “Um, everybody is going to die one day. EVERYONE,” this episode of The Longest Shortest Time, “Kids Ask About Death” came just as I needed it.

Show your daughters (and sons!) this tiny, winged, skateboarding badass. (But make sure you remind them to always wear a helmet.)

You deserve a vacation.

You could fall down an hour long Facebook rabbit hole, get sucked into an endless game of Crossy Road, OR use one of the 6 ways to use your iphone for good.


Best links of the week

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If you go to a fair without taking a photo of the ferris wheel, did you really even go to the fair?

Our Vermont roots couldn’t be more proud of our state’s Official Word (according to Slate, although we fully back their choice.) Find out yours here.

Added to our stack of must-reads is Steve Siberman’s new book, NeuroTribes The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity.

How can you help Syrian refugees? These 6 smaller groups are doing important work and would welcome your support.

This Quora thread proves kids are some of the creepiest people ever.

A kid’s art project that could convince us to tap into our inner Martha.

The School of Doodle is everything our teen girl hearts could have wished high school to be. Learn guitar from Cat Power? Get inspired.

The Evolve Campaign’s ads about gun control are just brilliant.

Austin Kleon’s quest to find the raddest kid who ever graced Reading Rainbow is an example of the internet at it’s finest.