Links for parents 6/12-6/19

Chris Ware’s parenting themed New Yorker covers are always relatable. This week’s Minecraft themed piece is no exception. via The New Yorker

Sure, there’s no shortage of parenting related tweet roundups, but more than a few of these may be top ten EVER material.

Tackling the childhood obesity epidemic starts with parents admitting their children have a problem. via New York Times

Need something to binge on this weekend? This infographic can help.

We’ve been looking forward to Inside Out for months. So far, the reviews are as glowing as we had hoped. via The Atlantic

The clock is ticking. Consult this stellar list of gift ideas for dad if you’re still empty handed. via Gear Patrol

5(ish) links for parents 6/5-6/12

Our new favorite Tumblr defines the 2 Kinds of People.

Maurice Sendak would have celebrated his 87th birthday this past week. Revisiting this wonderfully illustrated video of his NPR Fresh Air interview is a lovely use of 5 minutes.

A common thread in personal discussions recently has been the importance of raising kind kids. Here a Harvard psychologist gives 5 ways to do so.

Austin Kleon, author, writer, general badass, wrote a thought provoking piece on Medium about the creative journey. For the record, it’s not linear.

You still have a week to procure an awesome Father’s Day gift. This list from Netted has you covered.

Bonus: Let’s face it. Kids are Awesome.

Those of us at Parent Co with school age kiddos are officially in summer vacation territory. Cue the Alice Cooper. Happy Summer!

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Top 5 links for parents 5/29-6/5

A handful of things you may have missed this week.

These family camping tips are going to come in handy this summer. (And the accompanying infographics are frame-worthy.)

via Fix
via Fix

The Legoizer will turn any image into a lego mural, complete with brick shopping list and instructions and it’s awesome.

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Greg Toppo, author of The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter talks about his book and the place for video games in education– via NPR

“We have, however, negotiated a 10 percent discount with a new company that offers virtual personal assistant services, just in case you want to outsource all of your forms.” The Motherlode sums up the universal parental experience of filling out summer camp forms.

“The problem is that young children have terrible taste and enjoy garbage.” A hilarious and true examination of why maddeningly terrible children’s books have endured. via Salon

Top 5 links for parents May 15 to 22

It’s so hard to say goodbye, but this montage of David Letterman interviewing kids is a great look back on 33 years of hilarity.

If you’re gunning for the title of “Most Awesome Parent”, you may want to book your room at the newly opened Legoland Hotel.



Think you can ride a bicycle? Bet you can’t ride this one. (Via Smarter Every Day)

The art world is finally coming around to the fact that mothers can, in fact, make great artists. Welcome to 2015.

In the future, could robots take over white collar advance degree jobs? Yes. What does that mean for our kids?

Bonus: Two words. Baby. Band.

Top 5 links for parents April 26 to May 2

Raising Your Successful 35-Year-Old

“We should be thinking about the adult we’re raising from the day our children are born,” says Dr. Ginsburg, and that means looking past the goals immediately in front of them to the tenacious, resilient, empathetic, innovative person you hope they will become.


What to Do When a Child Loses Your Trust

What do you do when you trust your child, and she blows it?

What Can Technology Do for Tomorrow’s Children?

Teachers are helping students to leverage technology as a platform for collaboration, creativity, and self-expression, but we can and need to do more.


Love, not marriage, gives children a stable home

The claim that children are suffering from a ‘trend away from marriage’ fails to recognise the many other ways to provide a happy home environment


The Guardian

Pros And Cons Of Screen Time For Kids

Pros include “Finite battery life an important lesson on mortality” while cons include “Looming threat that toddler might reveal spoilers”

The Onion