Parent Co. Daily News For Parents 3/08/16

What we’re reading around the web.

Why every father should bring his toddler out for a mini adventure.

I once took my then 4 year old to New Hampshire alone for 36 hours. Felt like a badass. Then I read about this guy and realized I’m no hero. Medium

Don’t Post About Me on Social Media, Children Say

Remember how easy it was for our parents to embarrass us? In the pre-internet dark ages, without the entire world at their fingertips? Recall that before you blast your kids all over the web. Well at The New York Times

The Wildest Rumpus: Maurice Sendak and the Art of Death

You take the things that terrify you, and turn them into something beautiful. Related fun fact, I’ve never read Where the Wild Things Are without choking up. “And the walls became the world all around.” SINGLE TEAR. The Atlantic

Why Six Hours Of Sleep Is As Bad As None At All

Given this research, it’s truly a wonder I never left my kid strapped to the grocery cart, not realizing until I made it all the way home to unload the bags. Fast Company

International Women’s Day 2016: What are you going to make?

Did you feel that draft? It was me fist pumping Microsoft’s Make What’s Next video. Invent, little ladies. INVENT. Youtube

Parent Co. Daily News For Parents 3/07/16

What we’re reading around the web.

Homework is Wrecking Our Kids

Can we start calling elementary school homework what it is? A joy sucking waste of everyone’s time and energy. Even the research feels us on this one. Salon


Complaining Is Terrible for You, According to Science

It’s not just unbecoming, it’s actually a self-perpetuating cycle of negativity that can literally deteriorate your health and the health of those around you.
So step off, Negative Nancy. All your “venting” is giving me heart disease. Inc.

The Gutsy Girl: A Modern Manifesto for Bravery, Perseverance, and Breaking the Tyranny of Perfection

If Pippi Longstocking and Sheryl Sandberg got together and penned a book for tween girls, this brilliantly written and illustrated gem would be it. Brain Pickings

Our liquid fingerprints: Micrograph photos reveal the unique beauty of tears

Totally calling my kid’s out on their crocodile tears by dropping some science on them. “PUT THOSE UNDER THIS MICROSCOPE. I CAN TELL YOU’RE FAKING.” Quartz

Woman shares photo of dimples on breast to raise awareness of cancer symptoms

Kardashian ladies take note: Now THIS is a reason to plaster a photo of your breast all over social media. Nothing like that nonsense you all are peddling. Mashable


Parent Co. Daily News For Parents 3/04/16

What we’re reading around the web.

This North Face Toddler Will Remind You How Incredible And Inspiring The World Is

When an election year makes the world feel as though it’s growing darker by the minute, sometimes you need to shift perspective. Like, get down on a two year old’s level. It’s magical from down there. Co. Create

Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age and Income, Based Solely on the Apps on Your Phone?

Ok, so it pegged me as 32, single, and totally cashing in. Maybe the me who uses my phone is having an aspirational pre-mid life crisis. It’s fine. Washington Post

How Snapchat Built a Business By Confusing Olds

Just when I was feeling old and hopeless, it’s been confirmed that I AM too senior minded to fully understand Snapchat. Bloomberg

Engineer or Princess? Your Kids Shouldn’t be Forced to Choose

The opposite of “girly” isn’t “science-y” (and ok, fine, that’s not actually a word, but let’s not split hairs. There’s a point to be made.) The Next Web

Disney’s Zootopia Is a Giddy Delight

I’m all in for any Disney movie that 1. Tackles prejudice 2. Is free of soul sucking musical earworms 3. References Breaking Bad. I haven’t even seen it yet, but it may be my new favorite. The Atlantic

Parent Co. Daily News For Parents 3/01/16

What we’re reading around the web.

5 Secrets to Being Happy, Backed by Research

“No pain, no gain” is a myth (unless you’re breaking in a badass pair of shoes). Instead, how do you create big picture happiness while enjoying the process? Time

Curiosity Depends on What You Already Know

Where is the sweet spot of curiosity? Somewhere between what we already know and what we know absolutely nothing about. Related: you’re not going to find Star Wars in my Google history. Nautilus


Study: What Instagram Can Teach Us About Food Deserts

And here all I thought you could glean from your friends who post endless photos of their meals was that they have too much time on their hands. The Atlantic

Is the Art Room the New Play Room?

The name of the game is “inspire creativity”. The strategic move? Make art a part of the daily routine. The Washington Post

It’s Not You. Bad Doors Are Everywhere

My biggest takeaway here is if you repeatedly get something wrong, maybe you’re not the problem. Vox


Links We Love This Week (2/19/16)

You’ve been busy this week. Here’s our round up of the interesting parts of the internet.

Somewhere in the fog of becoming an adult, we obscure our weird passions in the name of being “normal.” But we’re not doing ourselves any favors.

Vintage cereal boxes? One person’s trash is another person’s $11,000 collectable, I guess. (Hey. If we’d have known, we’d have fought over a whole lot more than who got the most marshmallows.)

Best travel journal keeper ever.

The World’s Best News Photos for 2015 (Humanity + Heartbreak)

You’re a grown up. It’s high time you stop buying disposable clothes made by children.

We know good and well that ambition isn’t the only thing standing between kids and their dreams of becoming actresses, surgeons, or astronauts. Obscuring the role of luck in achieving some of those successes isn’t doing them any favors.

The teens dominating Tumblr are some of the most saavy digital strategists in the game right now. In the words of the indomitable Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our future.”

Did your kid take a box of crayolas to your manuscript? Don’t get too grumpy about it. Charles Darwin’s kids did the same to “On the Origin of Species.” (And they’re pretty cool doodles, too.)

What can we learn about food from families of kids with allergies? Plenty. (I, for one, could take a lesson in planning ahead. Since, you know, these kids want dinner EVERY DAY. The nerve.)

For one day, acknowledge how many times you turn on the tap. Then imagine what it would be like to not have that option. What it’s like to live with only bottled water.

2013-12-24 15.06.02-2
Ice storms. Far more beautiful up close than when you’re scraping them off your car.

Links We Love This Week (2/12/16)

You’ve been busy this week. Here’s our round up of the interesting parts of the internet.

If pregnancy is the “nesting” phase, who says maternity leave shouldn’t be the “flying” phase? Result? This baby has more stamps in her passport than most of us ever will.

A fascinating look at what pregnant women around the world pack in their hospital bags. (All I remember packing was yoga pants and mascara. #priorities)

Ok Go totally kills the music video game. My kid watched their Rube Goldberg inspired “This Too Shall Pass” about 4 thousand times. They’re back with an arguably even more impressive zero gravity stunner.

Wish you were having a little more sexy time? Or spending more time cooking together? Maybe you should turn on some music.

If teenagers grow up to be as proficient at anything as they are at Snapchat, the future is in good hands.

Who you spend time with influences the wiring of your brain. Ditch the Negative Nancy’s. They’re bringing you down.

45 books to get kids through life’s trickiest transitions.

Our own Autumn Spencer shares  the heart swelling story of Valentine’s Day redemption and loss. Grab a tissue. Or three.

Seriously. Don’t call. TEXT.

We’ve only been waiting for this since 1991- Pee Wee’s Big Comeback (seriously. Pee Wee’s Playhouse is one of the best kid shows that EVER HAPPENED.)

handmade valentines

Links We Love This Week (2/5/16)

You’ve been busy this week. Here’s our round up of the interesting parts of the internet.

Holy crap. These 15 statistics that show what happens on the internet in the course of 60 seconds is absolutely mind blowing. What in the hell did we do to avoid making small talk with strangers a decade ago?

If you’re trapped under a sleeping baby, here are 7 mobile games you can play with one hand.

This New York Times article really struck a chord this week. How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

Six degrees of separation? Thanks to Facebook, you might be closer to Kevin Bacon than previously thought.

This tumblr, dedicated to the New York Times photo archive is a fascinating and educational rabbit hole.

Planning a movie night when the kids go to bed? Here are 17 Oscar nominated movies you can stream right now.

Are you suffering from information overload? One of our favorite WNYC podcasts, Note to Self has launched a series of episodes called “Infomagical” in the hopes of helping us all tap into our more connected, less distracted selves. Join in!

Nick Hornby’s list of suggested excuses for skipping out of homework as told to his son is McSweeney’s at it’s finest.

Give this 6 minutes. The Day One Flint Mother Told Me The Story Of How America Poisoned Her Baby Girl

2014-02-04 16.46.43 3
Lake Champlain winter sunsets are hard to upstage.

Links We Love This Week

You’ve been busy this week. Here’s our round up of the interesting parts of the internet.

Stephen Ritz, one of NPR’s 50 Great Teachers, calls his classroom, “The National Health, Wellness and Learning Center.” With more plants than desks, and kids clambering for their chance to plant, water, and grow and cook, the name works.

You know what’s better than cooking a great meal? Cooking one that doesn’t dirty EVERY SINGLE POT AND PAN IN YOUR KITCHEN. Try these 38 one-skillet meals and drink instead of cleaning up.

Forget the kids. WE want to go to this Dutch Adventure camp. Where do we sign up?

Perennial favorite, New York Times column Modern Love is now a podcast!

This list of 27 underrated parenting products that actually work is pretty spot on.

You may be under 40 feet of snow this weekend. Here are all the best things to do when you’re snowed in.

For the next month or so, five planets will be aligned in the sky. Here’s how to take in the spectacle.

Want your kids to get into college? Tell them to be nice.

Redditors share the best “don’t tell your mom” moments they’ve had with their dads. So good.

Some bad ideas are worse than others. (But make for great stories.)

Meeting adjourned.
Meeting adjourned.

Links We Love This Week

You’ve been busy this week. Here’s our round up of the interesting parts of the internet.

Austin Kleon’s (author, artist, bad-ass dad) rad picture book recommendations need a place on your kid’s shelf.

This Is The Oldest Video Footage From New York City And It’s Absolutely Incredible.

Because you deserve to enjoy yourself some Bagel Bites and Dunkaroos with a bit of class. Upgrade your favorite childhood lunches.

As a non Star Wars fan, (THERE, I SAID IT. I DON’T CARE ABOUT STAR WARS. I’M GOING TO BE FIRED.) none of these jokes from twitter’s break out star Dad Joke Han Solo make any sense to me. But I’m told they’re funny.

The Longest Shortest Time is Back! Improv comedian Chris Gethard attempts to answer kids’ unanswerable questions like, “Do dinosaurs go to heaven or hell?” He’s not even a parent and manages to do way better than we could do.

Here’s a two for the price of one Friday laugh. McSweeney’s follow up to the brilliant “Jamie and Jeff’s Birth Plan” is the even more hysterical “Jamie and Jeff’s Note to the Babysitter

“I will try so hard not to hurt you.” A far more realistic parental promise than happiness. Jennifer Senior’s TED talk is worth a watch.

David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ Recreated As Children’s Book (it’s as awesome as you’d think.)

You may not have 15 minutes to watch Adele do car karaoke, but if you skip to 10:30, it’s a worthy investment.

Ever wonder how Shaun White, Yoko Ono, or George Clooney got their starts? We’re devouring these great posts from New York Magazine.


Links We Love This Week

Congratulations on making it through the first week of the new year. Only 7 more weeks until you finally start writing the date correctly on the first try! Since you were busy, here’s our round up of the internet.

Congratulations on making it through the first week of the new year. Only 7 more weeks until you finally start writing the date correctly on the first try!

Don’t spend your hard earned money on “fun” that really isn’t. Instead, adopt this “cost per units of fun” concept and use it wisely.

This great think piece from The Atlantic gave us our new favorite dinner party question: When do you think you became an adult?

We’d read any essay about the Golden Girls, but this one takes the cake. 30 Years Later, ‘The Golden Girls’ is Still the Most Progressive Show on Television

The secret to a long and healthy life may not be such a secret after all.

Do not. Let me repeat- DO NOT read these tweets (accompanied by photos) while you are drinking anything. This is your Friday laugh that will keep on giving.

The best apps for creative people.

This week, The New York Public Library released more than 180,000 items from their digital collections into the public domain. Photos, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, all available to use however you want. We’ve already lost 15 minutes to this Fifth Avenue Then and Now photo/google street view comparison tour.

Grilled cheese, 25 ways. That’s all.

This couple tweeted the story of their unintended home birth and we couldn’t stop reading.

Games to play with your child in which you barely have to move or talk. (We could have used this during our New Year’s Day hangovers.)