It’s been 200 years since the English novelist Jane Austen died, but the appetite for her work remains undiminished. Her novels, unfinished works, and life story are drawn upon on an almost a rotating basis for new movies, television shows, and books.

Her novels are also a great resource for baby name ideas. Many of her characters have names that are timeless classics: Frederick, Charles, and George among the boys; Mary, Elisabeth, and Charlotte among the girls.

Aside from those classic first names, there are plenty of surnames to choose from: Darcy, Bingley, or Elton perhaps? Or place names, titles, or even house names make for interesting or unusual choices.

For the ultimate list of 100 baby names inspired by the life and works of Jane Austen read on, but first, why not remind yourself of the ultimate scene in the ultimate Jane Austen adaptation: the BBC’s 1995 version of “Pride and Prejudice:”

Austen-inspired names for girls:

Alicia, Anne, Augusta, Bella, Caroline, Cassandra, Catherine, Charlotte, Clara, Diana, Eleanor, Elinor, Emma, Elisabeth, Eliza, Esther, Fanny, Frances, Frederica, Georgiana, Harriet, Henrietta, Isabella, Jane, Julia, Kitty, Lizzie, Leonora, Louisa, Lucy, Lydia, Margaret, Maria, Marianne, Mary, Nancy, Rebecca, Sophia, Sophy, Susan.

Austen-inspired names for boys:

Allen, Austen, Bennett, Benwick, Bertram, Bingley, Brandon, Captain, Charles, Churchill, Clay, Colonel, Earl, Elton, Edmund, Edward, Ferrars, Fitz, Fitzwilliam, Frank, Frederick, Gardiner, George, Grant, Herbert, Henry, James, John, Lloyd, Lucas, Martin, Morland, Philip, Randall, Reginald, Regis, Russell, Saul, Shepherd, Smith, Thomas, Vernon, Walter, Weston, William, Woodston.

Austen-inspired unisex names:

Darcy, Elliot, Fairfax, Knightley, Palmer, Parker, Perry, Pemberley, Philadelphia, Sidney, Taylor, Tilney, Thorpe, Willoughby.

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