Top 5 reading list for parents 3/27-4/3

We listened to this edition of On Point earlier this week about screen time for babies 2 and under. Our takeaway? Don’t torture yourself with singing and dancing crayons in the name of early education. It doesn’t make them smarter.

The Bloom family of Newport, NSW happened upon a baby Magpie on the ground, took her home and with the advice of a vet, hand reared her until she was able to take off on her own. Yet as told in the beautiful photos taken by Cameron Bloom, who happens to be a photographer, the bird has positioned itself as part of the family. We can’t wait for the release of New York Time’s best-selling author, Bradley Trevor Greive’s collaboration with the family “Penguin the Magpie”. penguin08


Worth a bookmark: The 50 Books Every Child Should Read Before They’re 12 via Common Sense Media

This piece from Fast Company, The Science of Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things has really resonated with us. It’s a valuable lesson for parents and kids alike.

This yet to be released book, Stop Here. This is the Place already has a place on our bookshelves. Stunning images, breath catching prose.