What Facebook Knows About Parents On Its Site

New data on how social media has changed parenting.

Via Fast Company, a new study commissioned by Facebook shows how social media has changed many aspects of parenting.

The “Meet the Parents” study gathered data from 8,300 parents and five parenting experts in eight countries.

  • 83% of parents surveyed globally said they have access to more information than their parents did.
  • 70% say they’re more informed than their parents were.
  • But access to so many individual opinions can leave them feeling more confused than empowered.

We’ve also covered the study here: Guilty of Sharenting? You’re Not Alone

This insight was very interesting:

“The result is a huge swath of individuals yearning for “me” time to spend with friends or on fitness, or what one hashtag describes as a “denkpause,” which translates to “thinking break.” Facebook issued the following reminder to brands trying to reach parents, which is good advice no matter what: “Give them permission to and extol the virtues of putting on their oxygen masks first” because “moms and dads have rich lives and interests outside of their children.”

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Source: What Facebook Found Out By Studying The Parents On Its Site