Want to Fly To Work? How About Flying Your Cow Drone

Dutch inventor Bart Jansen wants to see humans riding their animals in the sky.

“If I’m going to fly, I want to fly in something weird. So we’ve been thinking about animals that are big enough to fly in.

“We have a cow at the moment – it’s at the tannery right now. It’s going to be like a bovine personnel carrier, but airborne.”

Mr Jansen, who describes himself as an artist, has turned rats, sharks and ostriches into flying drones and even made a badger submarine.

Mr Jansen has teamed up with engineer Arjen Beltman and the pair have received lots of requests to transform other people’s pets into drones.

In the meantime, Mr Jansen works fitting solar panels but hopes this new business will really take off.

Source: Cat drone inventor works on flying cows – BBC News