Warning-Possible Dangers of Sleeping With Artificial Light

A new study shows that excess exposure to artificial light can accelerate aging and cause other health problems for lab mice.

More than four-fifths of the world’s population is exposed to light pollution…studies have hinted at the potential negative effects of artificial lighting, …(poor sleep) to … terrifying (an increased risk of breast cancer)…

…the researchers found that the artificial light-exposed mice’s body clocks had shifted from the normal 24-hour cycle to a 25.5 hour cycle… instead of feeling sleepy around the same time every day, their body clock would make them sleepy 1.5 hours later than the previous day.

…after 24 weeks of non-stop artificial light, the mice suffered other physical signs of aging, like reduced bone density and weakened muscles.

…making the extra effort—like getting black-out curtains—to keep as much artificial light out of your bedroom as possible.

Source: Sleeping with your light on could accelerate aging and affect your body clock — Quartz