Weekend Beatz: Rap Playlist for the Whole Fam

No earmuffs necessary for our kid-friendly rap playlist. Just in time to put a little bump in your weekend.

It’s hard, right? All this adulting and parenting and still tryna keep the weekend fresh and fun? We know. We get it.

That’s why we put together this bumpin’ kid-friendly rap playlist — you can drop the beat and vibe together.

Quick arts education sidebar: Rap evolved to tell the story of oppression, poverty, drug addiction, and gang violence — the real daily struggles of life in the projects. It’s an important musical genre of American’s cultural history. But you already knew that.

The topics can be tough on little ears, that’s for sure. While many artists tell straight-up truth or cleverly satirize the issues, other artists glamorize gang violence, promote misogyny, and spew homophobia.

But hey — no worries — we avoided the most adult tracks in our mix, and chose edited versions to filter the language.

So turn it up and party on, fam.