World Elephant Day is Almost Upon Us- Some Are Helping This Way

Conservationists in Tanzania are using an unorthodox way of keeping elephants from wandering into human settlements – by throwing condoms filled with chilli powder at them.

…Honeyguide Foundation…training volunteers in villages in north Tanzania to use a non-violent four-step way of protecting their homes and crops without hurting the animals.

Friday is World Elephant Day, which is dedicated to the protection of the animals.

Chilli powder mixed with soil is packed with a firecracker into a condom, its end is twisted shut with just the fuse exposed. When lit, the condom bursts open with a bang, spraying a fine dust of chilli powder into the air. One whiff is usually enough to send an elephant the other way.


Source: Chilli-powder condoms, firecrackers boost Tanzania elephant protection | Reuters