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We’re looking for perspectives from writers like you.

Parent Co. offers a positive, informed, and sometimes irreverent perspectives on topics related to family and parenthood.

Our compensation structure

new writing submission iconNew work
$50 – $150 compensation + Bonus Opportunity

previously published iconPublished elsewhere
No compensation + Bonus Opportunity

Writing contest iconWriter Contest
One $150 winner / month + Bonus Opportunity

We reward our top performing pieces with a bonus

Social benchmark bonus details

Submit Your Work

We can only review submission through Submittable, please do not email us your work. Contact [email protected] with any questions or last-minute edits.




Research-Backed Investigations

  • Choose fresh, thought-provoking topics. Think: The Science of Us , Hidden Brain, Radio Lab , Better Life Lab
  • Research a topic before you form your thesis. Not the other way around.
  • Investigate multiple angles to avoid being limited by your personal-bias or experience – you’ll also be more persuasive!
  • Cite reputable sources, such as scientific journals, thorough studies, or respected news sources like The New York Times and Reuters.
  • Infuse personality and carefully chosen anecdotes
  • Get timely topics from scientific publications like: ScienceDaily, Futurity, or Live Science

Successful Examples

Don’t Drink and Pump: A PSA for Breastfeeding Moms
4 Questionable Behaviors With Surprising Benefits
Can Teaching Kids Mindfulness Replace Discipline?
How Awe Transforms Us – and How to Create More of It for Your Kids
Parenting as an Introvert: What You Need to Know
Are Your Kids Safe on a School Bus?
Pursue Your Professional Dreams, Not Someone Else’s

Personal Narratives and Essays

  • This bucket includes topics like humor, advice, personal accounts, etc.
  • This is our most popular type of submission. We look for standouts that are compelling, emotional, and beautifully crafted.
  • We generally do not accept pieces that rely heavily on the personal context of details.

Successful Examples

When the Boy on the Couch Is No Longer Your Own
“Mom, Will My Penis Fit in This?” And Other Scenarios I Wasn’t Prepared For
The Truth About Marriage and How to Carry the Weight of It
5 Ways to Kill Time When Bonding With Your Newborn
Wise Words About Marriage and Kids From Your 40-Something Friend
This Mom’s Secret to Happiness? I’m Delusional.
Stop Punching Me There, and 9 Other Requests on Father’s Day
How Occam’s Razor Revolutionized My Parenting

Timely Reporting, Reviews, and Roundups

  • We look for timely reporting on recent scientific studies. Distil complex research down into conversational takeaways for our reader. Pull together the results of a few studies to illuminate something interesting. Always use reputable sources like scientific journals and reputable news outlets (not WebMD, Wikipedia, or other content publishers).
  • Relate a recent pop-culture event or phenomenon to parenting and family life.
  • Are you a tech fiend? A toy connoisseur? A travel junkie? Wonderful. We need people with elevated taste and insider chops to curate review products, activities, and events.
  • We are more likely to accept submissions with personality.
  • We’re currently trying to expand this category.

Have an idea about something that you haven’t written yet? Send us a pitch.

Your pitch should describe your thesis, a structural breakdown (such as section headings), and if you’re pitching a researched piece let us know what sorts of sources you’ll use.


Before submitting a piece to Parent Co. ask yourself:

Is this useful, interesting, or relatable to people who don’t know me?

We will only publish personal accounts, experiences, and opinions that are moving, remarkable, or widely relatable.  A piece will fall flat if it relies heavily on the context of details.

Is this a fresh perspective?

It’s true, it feels like the internet has covered almost every topic. However, a well-crafted perspective can shed new light on even the most familiar subjects. Before submitting, try searching for your topic in Google and Parent Co. – is your piece adding to the conversation?

Is this piece informed by the experience of parenthood?

Want to write about your time touring with Kiss? Please do! We want to publish more than just pacifiers and phonics – parenthood is about you too. Tell us about how your time with Kiss made you grow up, or how the band members remind you of each one of your four children. On the flip side, we also welcome your submissions about topics like family leave, climate change, and economics. However, we won’t publish pieces that skew towards your personal beliefs and allegiance when it comes to politics and religion. We like to think of Parent Co. as a Thanksgiving dinner table. Keep it civil.   

Have I checked for spelling, grammar, and syntax?

We will reject submissions that don’t meet our editing standards. Free tools like Grammarly can help you to identify errors quickly.

Review the most common mistakes below! You’ll make our editors happy (and increase your chances of publication)  


Formatting Criteria

  • We follow the AP writing style
  • Provide in-line links for referenced research or statements that need to be validated.
  • Avoid excessively formatting your document with things like indents, multiple type styles, all caps, etc.
  • Spelling and grammar! Unless you’re using a typewriter, it’s almost inexcusable to submit writing with spelling errors, missing words, and syntax mistakes. Free tools like Grammarly are really great! Please, check it out.


From Submission to Invoicing – What to Expect

1 | Submit your writing

Submit a piece of your writing using the Submittable button at the bottom of this page. (We cannot accept submissions via email.)

  • We will notify you within 21 days if your work has been accepted or declined.
  • Instructions for invoicing will be included in the acceptance letter, including a reference number which must be included within.
  • We pay for all content originally published on Parent Co.
  • We welcome pieces previously published with another site, or on your blog, but we do not compensate to publish these pieces. A republication is eligible for our social share bonuses.
  • Our flat rate compensation is $50. Longer, research-backed pieces (usually around 1200 – 2000  words) can earn higher compensation. Feel free to give us a detailed pitch before writing this type of piece.
  • All pieces are eligible to earn a social share bonus of up to $300 (scroll down to learn more).

2 | Publication

  • We reserve the right to edit submissions, and due to our large posting volume, we do not send our changes back to a writer for approval before publication.
  • We will post your piece within 30 days of the accepted date.
  • You will be notified automatically via email once your piece is live on Parent Co. Note this date for social bonus tracking!
  • We post all of our articles to Twitter and Facebook. Many (but not all) posts published to Facebook will be backed with paid promotion.
  • Share your piece within your personal community!
  • Keep an eye out for comments and respond, even if it’s with a simple, “Thank you!”
  • Unless arrangements are made in advance, we reserve the exclusive rights to published content for 60 days. After 60 days, Parent Co. will share full rights with the writers. Writers no longer need permission from Parent Co. to syndicate the piece to other publishers. Parent Co. should be credited as the original publisher with a link to the piece on Parent.co in the byline or the body.

3 | Invoicing

  • Send a detailed invoice to [email protected] once your piece has been accepted. Please include title, your name, email, address, Paypal information, and reference number which can be found in your acceptance letter, agreed compensation. 
  • You must send your invoice within 60 days of acceptance. We cannot process invoices after a 60 day window.
  • You are responsible for tracking your social interactions (likes + shares) via Muckrack.
  • If you have reached a social benchmark 30 days after publication, send a secondary invoice to [email protected] with your social share stats and detailed information about your article (title, your name, publish date) 

Download an invoice template

 Sample Writer Invoice 1-1-2017-1

*If you choose to use your own invoice template please make sure to include: title, your name, address, Paypal information if applicable, and reference number which can be found in your acceptance letter, date 30 days from publication, base fee, Muckrack  30 days “shares” stat, social benchmark bonus owed (if applicable).

Social Share Benchmark Bonuses

  • Use Muckrack’s tool: “Who Shared This” to monitor your piece on social media.
  • Our bonus is based on the total number of “Facebook Shares” within 30 days of a post’s original publication date.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the writer to calculate social shares and invoice at the 30 day mark. Invoices received more than five business days after the 30 day post publication date will not qualify for social bonus payouts. Parent Co. reserves the right to change any of its policies at any time without notice.

The Social Bonuses

$50 bonus : Articles with 1K combined likes and shares on Facebook

$150 bonus : Articles with 5k combined likes and shares on Facebook

$300 bonus : Articles with 20k combined likes and shares on Facebook


Submit Your Work

We can only review submission through Submittable, please do not email us your work


Questions? Last Minute Edits?

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or last-minute edits.