You Can Now Visit the Guggenheim Without Leaving Home

Got cabin fever? Stuck at work? Take a trip to the iconic Guggenheim Museum right now!

Got cabin fever? Stuck at your desk? Why don’t you take a trip to the Guggenheim Museum right now?

Yes, NOW!

The iconic building, located in New York City and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is the latest museum to be added to Google’s Cultural Institute project, designed to bring museum collections and architecture from all over the world right to your keyboard.

According to Wired, “digital visitors can now explore Wright’s building, ascending and descending its ramp with a digital pair of feet. More than 120 artworks have also been digitized and made available online.”

Of course, there’s nothing like seeing the real thing up close and in the flesh.

But, hey, this way you can show it to your kids without having to buy them plane tickets, or trudge about it the snow.

Check out the excellent Google tool right here.

Source: Wired