18 Things People Say at the Office That are Also Euphemisms for Babies Pooping

Since I started hanging with fellow baby daddies and mommies, I’ve heard endless euphemisms for pooping. Here are a few that double as workplace sayings.

If there’s anything new parents find themselves discussing often, it’s poop.

Since I started hanging out with fellow baby daddies and mommies, I have heard endless euphemisms for the act of pooping. Here are just a few that could double as phrases we throw around at the office:

“He’s working on something.”

“He needs some time alone.”

“She’s been busy all morning.”

“He needs to take a break.”

“She hasn’t produced anything in a while.”

“He has some things to work through.”

“She’s making a mess.”

“He is getting ready for something.”

“She is making a delivery.”

“He needs to spend some time in the office.”

She’s in the middle of something.”

“We are just waiting to see some results.”

“She’s doing her daily duty.”

“He left a deposit.”

“I think she’s going to make room.”

“He just needs to relieve himself.”

“She is going to take a rest.”

“We will have to wait for the delivery to unload.”

“He needs to take care of business.”

Thanks to my fellow parents and heptune’s poop thesaurus for helping out with this list.