10 Random Spring Holidays You Need to Celebrate

by ParentCo. February 28, 2017

Forget the fancy Mommy Spring Bucket List of activities in pastel font with highlighted check boxes. That’s a panic attack waiting to happen. We have enough “to-do” lists as it is. Instead, embrace the weird and random with these 10 spring holidays you won’t want to miss. Trust me, your kids will dig it.

1 | March 3rd - I Want You to Be Happy Day

Pay it forward, people. Buy a cup of coffee for the guy behind you in line. Help your kids sort through forgotten toys and take them to a donation center. Tell your significant other you have not forgotten they exist. This is the day for selflessness. What better way to bring on the good cheer of spring?

2 | March 14th – National Potato Chip Day

What would we do without that spud, sliced and fried and salted to perfection? Have a chip and dip party with the kids. Maybe barbecue sauce would go great on those sour cream and onion Ruffles? You’ll never know until you try. Or finally, crack that baked sweet potato chip recipe you pinned on Pinterest five years ago. Even if it’s not perfection, it’s a chip. And you can’t go wrong with a chip.

3 | March 21st – Tea for Two Tuesday

Pull up a seat, whip out those Teavana sachets hiding in the back of your pantry and have a party. Dare I say make scones? Or buy them if you’re cooking and time management skills need a holiday of their own. Dress the kids up like Alice in Wonderland characters and get your tea on.

4 | March 20th – Alien Abduction Day

If you’ve always wondered if there’s life on other planets, today is your day to find out. Let’s hope the extraterrestrials remembered to plug this one into their Google calendar. But even if they’re a no-show, it’d sure be fun to watch the skies for signs of life and maybe pop in ET and munch on some Reese’s Piece while you’re at it.

5 | March 23rd – National Puppy Day

How could you not celebrate this one? Watch Lady and the Tramp and remember that the dog needs some love too. Take your kids (and dog) to the dog park to socialize. Visit the local adoption centers who always have lots of puppies in need of a good home…but do so at your own risk. Those big, sweet eyes will get you every time.

6 | March 28th – Something on a Stick Day

Yes, please. Corn dogs, Fudgesicles, lollipops, caramel apples. All the best foods come on sticks. And, unless it’s soup, most things edible can be speared in the name of a good holiday. For a healthier option, make fruit or veggie kabobs with the kids. For a fun date night, go out for fondue.

7 | April 2nd – International Children’s Book Day

The Reading Rainbow would be proud. Go to story time at the library. Read your kids your favorite children’s book. Help them write and illustrate their own stories. Definitely have a slice of cake to celebrate Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, which was why the holiday began.

8 | April 9th – Name Yourself Day

You can finally get back at your parents for not considering your feelings before writing that name on your birth certificate. Today’s the day to switch it up and name yourself whatever you want. Dub yourself Queen Mother or go exotic. Pick a name with some pizazz and then enjoy making everyone around you submit to your whims.

9 | April 20th – Look Alike Day

You know that celebrity whom everyone tells you that you could pass for? Today’s the day to make it happen. Embrace your inner Beyoncé or Jennifer Lawrence and dress the part if only to be that cool for a day. Let the siblings twin themselves or help them team up with a friend at school to truly drive their teachers crazy.

10 | April 28th – Kiss Your Mate Day

Yes, someone made this a holiday. Perhaps they were feeling neglected. Whatever the reason, today’s the day for smooching. Bring on the PDA. Your kids may say it’s gross but seeing their parents show a little love will do them a world of good. That’s it! Now go get random and leave the bucket-listers to their tasks.



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